shaptowicz (twosnoos) wrote in nerdslam,

Report from the 5th annual NERD SLAM in NYC

I always dread the local nerd slam. Here's why-

1- You never know who's gonna show up and those who do have some strange definitions of what the word NERD entails.

2- No matter what, it will never be as easy as as it is at NPS because unless you pre-invite poets that can deliver NERD POETRY, you will be disappointed.

3- That being said, there are plenty of NON-SLAMMERS that will and can be enticed by the prospect of a NERD POETRY event! The trick is out-reach and publicity! Clever fliers at comic book shops and the like must be placed at all nerd hang-outs! Quality prizes must be offered!

4- Here is the format that worked for us tonight-

Make sure you have an even amount of Nerd Slammers- 6, 12, 18.

Round 1- Trivia Round- 2 names are picked randomly. Winner goes on to the 2nd Round. Loser reads a poem takes a prize-gets off stage. Winners go on to the 2nd round.

Round 2- The winners go head to head and are judged like a regular slam. Again, randomly drawn. Only 3 judges were used tonight but 5 is fine. The losers take a prize and don't continue.

Round 3-The top scorers now participate in a TRIVIA-OFF until someone gets 3 or 4 questions right! The first to accomplish this goal is the NERD CHAMP!

This format worked really well for us and only requires 1 poem from all poets involved!

Any questions?

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